Kane Mercer


Great works are performed,

not by strength, but by


Samuel Johnson

About Me

I am an indigenous full-time teacher currently teaching Japanese and Computer Science full-time Victoria, BC. Outside of my teaching, I have many passions and I’ve been on some life-changing adventures at home and abroad. I have a lot of projects which I’ve started in the past including a profile on TPT which I’m using to sell lesson plans online, a course through Udemy which I’d still like to make, and a children’s book about Indigenous rights in Canada. With so much on the go, one of my goals for this is to finish some of these projects and turn my dreams into reality.

With work, I have been enjoying teaching Japanese and Computer Science again. I have also been involved with quite a few projects with my local union, Greater Victoria Teacher’s Association(GVTA) as the Indigenous Member at Large and I also sit on the Indigenous Education Committee.

Recently I helped with Tapestry 2024 where I made a presentation on AI. Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look at the slide deck:


The first time I ever set foot on another continent was after my high school graduation. Since then, travel and challenges have been a big part of my life.

I will always be thankful for my life path and the twists and turns that lead to me to be able to go on these adventures and I would love to have future opportunities to travel as well.

One of the most significant adventures in my life will always be the time I cycled across Canada alone. I wanted to do something extra special in memory of my dad, so I set out on an adventure across Canada and had many profound experiences on the way. Ride for Rand Blog.


I have quite a few projects on the go.

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School: kmercer@sd61.bc.ca Personal: kaneyoto@gmail.com